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Out of curiosity, why did you put Andrej(a) Pejic's picture under the going to school comment? He/she never went to any university (or showed any interest in studying at a university) and spends most of her time clubbing, drinking and getting wasted.

It was the impatient attitude on her face. 

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For how long Juliana Herz has been dating Travis Smith?

I do not know. 

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Models go to school?

Yes many Models go to school. There are a good number of models that use the money made from modeling to pay for college. 

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Why did Simon Kotyk ask you to take down his confessions?

It was not Simon Kotyk that asked me to take confessions down. It was another model. 

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i love how adorable and “french-y” clement chabernaud looks.

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I just realized Sebastian Sauve looks like Jack Gleeson from Game of Thrones.

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I’m amazed people even know the names of male models and post opinions, I conducted an experiment and asked about male models, not one person I asked knew anything about them or could identify any by name LOL. When I see in the media “such-and-such a supermodel,” I want to laugh. 99.9% of the population goes about their day, sees adverts/commercials and blocks them from their minds.

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So happy that Simon Nessman is in Industry icon in MDC!

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I think there are certain rules about how to approach male models. If these models look like they either have somewhere important to go or late for something, and they get interrupted by a fan, then the models “rudeness” is expectable.

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