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Have you met Alexander Kjellevik?

No I have not.

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I was watching the trailer for Pompeii, the actor Kit Harington looks so much like Marlon Teixeira, to me anyway.

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Peter Bruder is gay??????

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Vladimir Ivanov seems to be very nice. He always looks so cheerful and energetic and it’s awesome how he also can look fierce and confident in the photoshoots
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Lucas Bernardini has a great face, but he doesn’t seem to have a… I mean his… What I’m saying is, I don’t think swimwear and underwear will be his forte.

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Admin Note

I will be attending my first fashion show Thursday. It is a small showcase of female business attire but I will be posting pictures here. I look forward to everyone sharing this experience with me.

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Submit your confessions.

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Do really girls still have a crush on Ceser Casier? he’s gay. Like Jon Kortajarena and Peter Bruder.

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Are you in contact with Benoni Loos? I want to know more about him, ask him to make a twitter or instagram?

No. I’m not in contact with him. I’m sure he has his reasons to not create an instagram or twitter.

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omg who is julian engaged with? yuna?

I don’t think that confession is true.

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